The Craftsman Kalimba™

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The Instrument of Peace™

Learn to play the beautiful sounding kalimba with ease from anywhere.

 Simple to Learn & Easy to Play

Skip the months of learning and expensive lessons that most instruments require! Our kalimbas come with pre-engraved notes, making it a breeze to learn and memorize tunes. The average kalimba company customer has been able to play at least one song within three* weeks!

Lightweight & Portable

Our kalimbas are lightweight, sturdy, and portable making them the perfect instrument for any occasion! Bring it along on a hike, a beach trip, or anywhere that needs a little extra happiness! 

✔ Sturdy Mahogany Wood

We handcraft all of our kalimbas from durable and beautiful mahogany wood. 

The kalimba is the perfect instrument for all people and occasions! From world travelers to children, everyone can learn how to play and master the kalimba.

Whether you're looking to try something new or you are familiar with small instruments, you will be blown away by the beauty and peacefulness of the kalimba. It is truly unlike anything else. 

The Perfect Gift
The portability, durability, and beauty of the kalimba makes it a perfect gift!
Promotes Mental Clarity and Peace
The beautiful sound of the kalimba when combined with good scenery will create a peaceful environment and help clear your head from the stress of daily life. 
Simple & Easy to play
Unlike most instruments, the kalimba can easily be self taught in just a matter of weeks. 
Thousands of Happy Customers
We have helped thousands of people discover the beauty and zen of the kalimba! 

✔ Shipment Guarantee 

✔ 4.7/5 Stars 

✔ Free Worldwide Shipping


1) How do I contact customer service?

You can contact our super friendly customer service team through email at

2) How do I tune my kalimba? 

It's simple! Just follow these steps: 

1. Find a tuner. These can be found for sale on our site or you can download an app.

2. Lightly tap the tines of the kalimba with a tuning hammer or hard object. Making the tines shorter will heighten its pitch and making the tines longer will lower its pitch. 

3. Play away! 

3) How hard is the kalimba to play and learn?

The kalimba is super easy to play and learn! In fact, it is so easy that most of our customers are able to teach themselves to play within three weeks of delivery! For more information on how to play, visit our education page

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Rated 4.7/5 Stars

Thousands of happy customers!

High Quality Kalimbas

Crafted from mahogony wood.

Free Worldwide Shipping

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