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1) How do I contact customer service?

You can contact our super friendly customer service team through email at help@kalimbacompany.com.

2) How do I tune my kalimba? 

It's simple! Just follow these steps: 

1. Find a tuner. These can be found for sale on our site or you can download an app.

2. Lightly tap the tines of the kalimba with a tuning hammer or hard object. Making the tines shorter will heighten its pitch and making the tines longer will lower its pitch. 

3. Play away! 

3) How hard is the kalimba to play and learn?

The kalimba is super easy to play and learn! In fact, it is so easy that most of our customers are able to teach themselves to play within three weeks of delivery! For more information on how to play, visit our education page

4) Is the kalimba a good instrument for kids?

Yes! The kalimba is very easy to play, easy to learn, simple, safe, and sturdy making it the perfect instrument for children

5) How long does shipping take?

Normally, shipping & handling will take 12-15 days, but due to delays caused by COVID-19 and the holiday season shipping & handling may be delayed up to two and a half business weeks. 

6) What is insured shipping?

Insured shipping is an option at checkout that provides delivery protection for all items in your order so that in the case of a lost package, stolen package, or damaged package you will receive a full refund




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